Most guys don't think about how important the trim is to the overall appearance of a restoration. Cleaning or off-the-shelf metal polish isn't going to cut it. If you're going through the work and expense of a restoration or you just want to freshen things up a bit, you owe it to your car to invest in complete stainless trim restoration. It will cost less than you might expect -- for about the cost of a good set of seat covers, you'll have results that will blow you away.

When removing trim, be very careful not to damage anything. This is especially true on window surrounds. It's easy to bend the trim or damage your glass or paint if you're not careful. Take your time, and you shouldn't have a problem. Sometimes, trim will adhere to the window sealant that has oozed out from behind it. Again, be careful and work slowly, and you can usually free it without bending or damaging it.

Wheel well trim can be tricky when rust welds the screws to the wheel lip. If PB Blaster doesn't help, or if the screw head strips, you'll have to drill it. This is not as scary as it sounds. Using a drill bit larger than the screw, you can usually drill the head right off with no damage to the trim. You'll still be left with the shank of the screw, but it's a little easier to deal with once the trim is removed.

Refer to the following drawings for more detail on how window trim and drip moldings are secured to the car. Not all cars are put together the same way, it's best to have a factory body manual on hand for your specific car.

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